The sudden announcement last week that Square Inc. was acquiring and shutting down the popular inventory management software Stitchlabs, has sent many people looking for a suitable alternative for their inventory management needs. Stitchlabs, for many businesses was a powerful, feature-rich inventory solution that allowed sellers to manage and their multi-channel inventory and orders, fulfillment, purchasing, warehouses, and cost tracking in a single platform.

In this blog post, we'll list some of the software you should have on your consideration list for your Stitchlabs alternative.

eComDash - this one is an ecommerce management platform, designed to help merchants control their online business channels from a single dashboard. Features integrations with many channels such as eBay, Amazon, and Walmart. Is high on complexity and big on features so a great option for very large retailers.

Tradegecko - Allows you to track your stock levels in real time. Manage your inventory across multiple warehouses, with full multi-currency support. Is a very comprehensive and feature rich product with price points to match. A great choice for mid level SME businesses.

Craftybase - this inventory management suite is designed specially for smaller sellers that also make their own products in house, and features material and product inventory, COGS, pricing guidance, stocktaking and consignment features. Has automatic integrations with a variety of popular ecommerce platforms such as Square, Etsy, PayPal, WooCommerce, Amazon Handmade and more. Prices are very competitive with their PRO plan starting at $14.99/mo.

Ordoro - this is a powerful inventory software application, which automates tasks such as shipping, dropshipping and inventory management.

Orderhive - this software allows you to streamline your multi-channel eCommerce management processes, orders, shipping and delivery. It features real time stock levels and warehousing capabilities, along with invoicing, payments and return processing.