Welcome to another Craftybase update! This month, we've been working further on our Amazon integration along with releasing a couple of other great changes and improvements! Read on to see what's new:

Pricing Guidance Overheads

We've introduced a new setting to enable you to include a seperate component for overhead into your pricing guidance. Details on how to set your overhead amount can be found here: How do I factor in overhead costs?
Calculating overheads into your pricing guidance

We also have a new blog post with further guidance on how best to calculate your optimum overheads available here: How do I factor in overheads to my product pricing?

Copy Variation Attributes

It's now possible to copy variation attributes and values to different products instantly. You'll find a new help article to guide you through the process here: How do I copy variation attributes between products?
Copy variation attributes between products

Expiry Dates for Material Lots

If you work with materials that cannot be used past a specific date, you can now track expiry dates in Craftybase! Instructions on how to do this can be found here: How do I set an expiry date for a material lot?
Expiry dates for material lots compliance

Material Lot Archiving

To keep your material lot lists tidy, you can now archive them when they have been fully consumed. Instructions on how to do this can be found here: How do I archive a material lot?
Archiving material lots compliance

Delete Locations & Components

Another new enhancement this month is the ability to delete old locations and components. You'll find steps on how to do this in our new help article here:
How do I delete a location?
How do I delete a component?
How to delete components and locations in craftybase