We have just released a number of tools and enhancements to enable better tracking of your product bundles within Craftybase using our powerful multi-level components structure.

Auto Manufacturing of Components

This feature allows you to configure components to manufacture when they are manufactured in the parent product. This is handy for bundling situations as it allows you to automatically create a component from material stock and instantly have it applied to your product manufacture - previously, you would have needed to create seperate manufactures.

The automanufacture setting can be applied to both recipes and on manufactures to give you complete flexibility on your workflow. More details on this enhancement can be found here: How do I set a component to manufacture automatically?

Copy Product / Components

This feature is handy when you need to create products or components that share similar settings - simply click the Copy menu item and a new product or component will be created with the same recipe and attributes.

More about this feature is detailed over in our blog post here: New! Copy Products and Components

Convert Products to Components (Componentize)

This new feature is useful in situations where you have already created your product structure and have now decided you'd like to use product bundling.

The Componentize feature allows you to create a matching component for any product, and automatically assigns the product recipe to it. The product recipe is then replaced with a reference to the component so that the complete bundle structure is created and ready for you to use.

Can I create a component from a product?

For more information about how to create product bundles, please see our tutorial here:

Introduction to Product Bundling ยป