This week, in our PRO and above plans, we released the ability to create a stocktake. This feature essentially allows you to generate a list of materials to check your physical stock on hand against, quickly enter in your actual counts and have adjustments automatically created for the difference (if any).

As Craftybase is perpetual inventory software, stocktakes should be created on a regular schedule throughout the year using a Cycle Count approach. This means that instead of counting all stock at the end of the year, you instead count small representative samples of your stock weekly or monthly to ensure you are being accurate with your usage and purchase records. Issues with accuracy once they are noticed can be investigated to find possible causes and you can therefore improve your production process over time using this approach.

Stocktakes can be created via the brand new Stocktake area. This gives you an opportunity to select filtering and sorting criteria to generate a list of your materials to count.

You can create randomised lists of materials from all categories or all materials from specific categories. The filtering also allows you to select from a subset of materials that have not been counted since a certain date.

When your stocktake has been generated, a page will display to allow you to enter in your physical count. Any differences in your count will be added automatically as an inventory adjustment and your accuracy will be calculated and presented as a rating between Perfect (0% change) to Review Required (more than 10% change). This gives you a quick and easy way to see if any of your stock differences are large enough to require further investigation.

Craftybase stocktake management features for handmade sellers

See our new tutorial for a walkthrough on the new stocktake functionality here: Introduction to Stocktaking

Want to learn more about handmade stocktaking strategies?

Stocktaking is much more than just numbers for your tax man: it forms a key part of your entire handmade production process. With a stocktaking strategy in place, you can identify issues and inefficiencies that you may never have been aware of otherwise. This eBook will guide you through the various stocktaking methods, giving you the knowledge you need to create your own strategy.

Topics covered include:
  • Why Stocktake?
  • Periodic vs. Perpetual Inventory
  • Cycle Counting & Sampling Methods
  • Handling stocktake discrepancies
  • Creating good stocktaking habits
  • Stocktaking and Inventory Software

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