A new feature for September is the ability to set bin numbers for your materials. This enables you to create a structured numbering system to track exactly where you keep each of your materials.

Studio and above subscribers will now find some extra textboxes on their material add and edit form pages have appeared this week: these fields are designed to record your material bin location codes.

There are three separate textboxes to enable granular tracking: if you are using a three part location code then you can use all three boxes. If your location system is a single code, then you can choose to enter this using the position field: it's completely up to you.

You can assign as many materials as you like to the same bin location: this is really handy if you store many materials in the one place.

Bin Locations can be set manually, or via the bulk import and update material tool. Once set, your Bin Location will appear on the material detail page and in the hover over summary window.

Material bin location in inventory system for crafters

Adding Bin Locations to your materials also gives your Material Inventory Worksheet some interesting new superpowers: you can now enter a zone, section and/or position and all materials listed as being in that location will be displayed. This is a really handy new feature if you stocktake or cycle count by location!

Material Inventory Worksheet showing Bin Locations