In amongst the big subscription and affiliate system changes we have been rolling out over August, we have also released a couple of other enhancements and improvements that we wanted to share with you:

New Component View

No more filtering and sorting on the product page to try and find a component: a new dedicated view of components is now available for all PRO and above subscribers. This change includes new component forms and a streamlining of the product form to remove the old "component or product" selection process.

Projects are now...Products!

We've also changed some terminology in an effort to simplify some of our concepts. Projects are now universally known as Products through the system. We're currently working on ensuring that our help articles and resources also reflect this change consistently.

Variation Archiving

One of our most requested features is now here: it is now possible to remove product variations from view by archiving them. This is perfect for situations where you have retired certain combinations you sell: just use the bulk updater at the bottom of the form to archive and voilĂ  it's now out of your list!

Iconography Refresh

You might also have already noticed our fresh new look: we've also overhauled our iconography to increase legibility and to create a consistent language for our features across Craftybase.

Etsy 5% fee increase updates

In line with Etsy's recent increase of fees to 5%, we have updated our popular free pricing and fee calculators, along with all of our internal pricing guidance features.