Now it is possible to upload and attach files across Craftybase. This is a great way to keep your documents filed securely within your inventory system.

For example, if you have Material Data Safety Sheets or Children's Product Certificates that you need to store, you can now upload these and directly attach them to the material or product involved.

Uploading of childrens product certificates now available in craftybase

Some other suggested uses of this feature is to scan receipts and attach them to your expenses, file vendor statements for your contacts or attach detailed production instructions onto your recipes.

We support the uploading of PDF, Microsoft Word, PNG, GIF and JPG files.

File uploading for expenses is currently available in our PRO and above plans, whilst our STUDIO and above plans can also attach files to materials, projects, orders, recipes, contacts (and more!).

Details on how to upload an attachment to an expense can be found here:
How do I upload a file for an expense?

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