We've just released some great updates to our popular lot tracking feature in Craftybase.

For starters, you'll now find a new tab over on your material pages called "Lots". This tab will show you all lot numbers you have already associated with this material via a material expense.

Screenshot showing lot tracking safety compliance features

Any material expense you now add for this material where you also add a lot number will automatically generate a new entry in your Lots list.

It is now also possible to directly add lot numbers that are not directly related to an expense - while we recommend that you try to associate your lots with expenses at all times, this feature is useful for situations where you have brought stock forward from older lot batches into Craftybase from your previous system. You can now add in your manual lots via the Add Lot button that appears in the top right hand corner of your Lots list page.

Finally, as we now have a dedicated area in Craftybase to associate your lot numbers, it is now possible to provide you with a lot number list to select from whenever you add in a new manufacture.

Associating lot numbers with your manufactures in Craftybase

Hope you like our latest round of compliance improvements - please get in touch if you have any comments or questions!

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