As of July 16, Etsy will be increasing their transaction fees globally as well as releasing some new Etsy monthly plans with advanced features.

The transaction fee will now also apply to the full amount of the order, including any shipping charged. All other fees are expected to remain the same.

The rationale around the increase in Etsy's transaction fee is that some sellers were disguising the total cost of their items via charging higher shipping fees. This change is designed to "level the playing field" to ensure that all sellers are encouraged to price their products accurately.

The tranaction fee will apply to any shipping fee charged, regardless of weither Etsy Shipping Labels were purchased.

For a simple example that illustrates the transaction fee change, for a sale of an $10 item with $2 shipping charged, the transaction fee will now be $0.60 (5% of the item and shipping price). The payment processing and listing fees will remain exactly as before.

This change is due to be applied on July 16 - Craftybase's Etsy Seller Fee Calculator, Etsy Pricing Calculator and our built in Etsy Pricing Guidance features will all be updated to reflect this change on the same date.