We've recently been making some improvements to the way pricing works in Craftybase. Firstly, you may have noticed that the area previously called "Sales Channel Markups" has now become "Pricing Tiers".

We made this change as it was clear that the old naming was confusing - while you could create a markup specifically for each sales channel, they were linked in name only and had no direct bearing on each other. The new name now indicates that you can create tiers for any situation where you need a different price or differently configured pricing guidance: in particular for your consignees and customers (more about this in a bit).

Redesigned pricing guidance

As part of this renaming work, we also took the opportunity to revisit the pricing guidance display: we have now dedicated more space to this area, consolidated all pricing information in the one place and included more information about how each recommended price is calculated.

Pricing guidance calculation display in Craftybase

Multiple Price Points

The change we released today was the ability to set price points for each tier: this means you can now add an unlimited number of different prices for your products. This feature is available only in our STUDIO and INDIE plans and provides manual editing via the pricing area using a new inline edit feature:

Inline editing of price points in Craftybase

For situations where many price points need to be configured, we have also created a way to bulk upload via spreadsheet for each tier.

Custom pricing for customers and consignees

Your pricing tiers can also now be associated directly with customers or with consignment locations, meaning that when you add a new order for either you'll have the right price points loaded for your products automatically.

Setting pricing tiers for locations in Craftybase

Product Pricelist Report

Finally, the Product Pricelist Report has now been reworked to include tier pricing and now displays as a global view of both variations and projects - making generating price lists for Retail, Wholesale or consignment super easy.

Note: Price points and order tier associating are both available only in our STUDIO and INDIE plans.

We hope you like these improvements! If you have any thoughts or questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

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