Etsy doesn't provide many financial reports for sales and orders, so the most popular option is to generate a CSV export of your data and then use this to filter and sort to obtain the tallies you are after in a spreadsheet.

To find your CSV files, follow the instructions below:

  1. Firstly, you'll want to navigate to your Shop Manager page by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner.

How to find Etsy shop manager

  1. Next, click on the Settings option in the left hand side of the page.

Etsy shop manager settings option

  1. Once the sub-panel opens, you'll want to now click on the Options item that appears (it will be the third option down in the list).

How to find your options page on Etsy

  1. You'll now be at your Shop Options page. This gives you a variety of different settings, one of which being a Download Data tab that you'll want to click next.

How to find your Download Data tab on Etsy

  1. Next, you'll want to select a couple of configuration options on the page that appears to ensure that you download the correct data. Under What type of CSV would you like to download? you'll want to select Orders.


Tip: If you want to see the individual products sold, you'll want to instead select Order Items here.

To ensure that you download all orders for the year, leave the Month dropdown as the default of -Month- and set the year dropdown to the year you are after.

  1. Click the Download CSV button to begin the download. This will download a CSV file to your machine - this is a text file that is formatted in a way that most spreadsheets can read into columns.

  2. When the file has fully downloaded, open by double-clicking, or use the Open... menu in your spreadsheet program.

Thinking there must be a better way than this?

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