Today we released the ability to configure projects to manufacture themselves: we call this feature Auto Manufacture.

Auto Manufactures allows you to automate the creation of your manufactures, based on the orders you receive. It is particularly useful for situations where batches of products are not created in advance and are instead created in response to an new order coming in.

For those Craftybasers missing our old feature where material costs were stamped on orders directly from your recipe: turning auto manufactures on for your projects will essentially have the same effect, but now superpowered with auditable adjustments and rolling average calculations!

Auto manufacturing tends to work best for situations where materials don't change between manufactures, although if you do tweak your recipe mid-manufacture you can always edit your manufactures after they have been created to amend.

Auto Manufactures can be switched on for only specific projects or for all projects in your account - the only requirement for an auto manufacture to be created is that you already have a recipe configured on the project or variation.

How do I turn on Automatic Manufactures for a specific project?

How do I turn on Automatic Manufactures for all my projects?