From recent feedback, we've made some improvements to your inventory adjustment pages in order to more clearly show any potential issues with your stock history that need rectifying.

To view a inventory adjustment page, navigate to your project or material page then click the tab called "Inventory". This page shows you each and every increase and decrease of stock you have logged in Craftybase. It is this history that provides the numbers we use to calculate your stock and material cost calculations, so it is really important that this history is correct in order for your end of year tallies to be accurate.

You'll notice that we have added a new clipboard icon under the Status column: this shows a running total of the stock levels for each adjustment made. This is useful to find situations where missing manufactures are causing zero material costs to be associated with your orders.

In the example below, we have a situation where an order for 3 items has been added to the system, but no manufactures or starting adjustments exist before this date. This means that on the order date there was no stock on hand to fulfil, and you'll now see that your clipboard displays as red in this case.
Stock adjustment showing as out of stock for a handmade item in Craftybase

Hovering your mouse over the clipboard will display the current stock on hand for that adjustment, and will also include an error message if it is an order that was placed without enough stock.

Stock adjustment showing as stock levels and error message for a handmade item in Craftybase

Adding a manufacture before the Order date will automatically recalculate all stock levels for all adjustments after it, so you'll see that the order now appears as green, meaning there was enough stock to cover the order:

Stock adjustment showing as in stock for a handmade item in Craftybase

You'll also now see that we have changed the shipped tick to a little truck icon - grey means that the order hasn't been shipped yet (and thus no material costs will have been calculated) and green means the order has now been shipped.

Stock adjustment showing shipped and not yet shipped for a handmade item in Craftybase

The last thing to mention is that we have also improved the messages that appear when a material cost is being displayed as 0.00. You'll notice that when hovering over the warning icon that we now give you a bit more information about the possible issues along with some guidance on how you'll be able to fix:

Material cost of zero for adjustment with possible reasons why in Craftybase

Of course, if you are still stumped by a problem with your inventory adjustments feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to pop in and take a look for you!