A little update on the small improvements that we have been making over the last couple of weeks. Usually we only blog about the "big stuff" however there are many little nice changes that occur in between that we thought you may also like to know about.

  • You should now see a warning message appear on your Expense form if you try to navigate away from it without saving. Many of you let us know that it was frustrating when an accidental back button click lead to losing data that hadn't yet been saved.
  • The Manufacture Batch Quantity and Estimated Minutes for variation recipes now populates directly from the Project.
  • Archived materials now appear in all autocomplete search boxes as greyed out so that you can quickly identify them in your results.
  • The variation name sold has been added to the order line item export.
  • We've made some improvements to the Etsy importer to better handle adjusted Direct Checkout fees and multiple adjustments made on the same order. We've also added a better way of identifying cancelled orders via the daily status check process.
  • We've added a breakdown of Etsy fees including Direct Checkout fees to the Pricing Guidance section.
  • You can now upload photos for your variations.
  • Expenses with attached files are now indicated with a paperclip icon on the expense list. This icon previously was used to indicate if there were notes associated to the order - notes have now been moved into the additional information popup (the box that appears when you hover over the little "i" next to the expense code)
  • Etsy Direct Checkout Fees can now be resynced manually via a new button on the expense page.

Have some questions about any of these changes? Feel free to get in touch and we'll be happy to have a chat with you about them!