Manually converting between the units you purchase in and the units you manufacture in has always been a bit of a chore in Craftybase. Today, we've made this process much easier with the introduction of some new fields on your Materials.

You can now configure a different unit for your purchases and create a custom conversion to use between your tracking unit and your purchase one. When adding new purchases of the same material in the future, just enter the expense in the unit you purchased it in and Craftybase will automatically convert to your tracking unit and add to your stock on hand.

Here's how it works in a little more detail:

Over on your Material form, you'll now find a couple of new fields in your Inventory section. Your Tracking Unit field is your current unit of measurement and works exactly the same as before. Below this, you'll find a new field called Purchase Unit.

This will be set to be the same as your Tracking Unit initially, however you can change this to whatever you like. Some examples to get you thinking about how it can work for your materials:

Tracking Unit Purchase Unit
Ounce Pound
Gram Kilogram
mL L
Button Jar

As part of this change, we have built in a conversion field that allows you to nominate exactly how many of your tracking unit is in a single purchase unit. This can be defined in the Purchase to Tracking Unit Conversion textbox.

Craftybase Purchase to Tracking Unit Converter

In this example, we are telling Craftybase that each time we purchase 1 jar of this material, we should increase our stock of buttons by 25.

As a bonus, if your tracking and purchase units are both standardised units and can be converted between (e.g. Ounce to Pound or Kilogram to Gram), we will attempt to populate this field for you automatically using our brand new unit converter. For example, if you set your tracking quantity to be "ounces" and your purchase quantity to be "pounds" we will put 16 in your conversion textbox.

Once you have configured this on your material, the next time you create a material purchase you'll see some new fields appear. This will allow you to enter your purchase in your Purchase Unit and Craftybase will calculate your Tracking Quantity for you automatically!

Material purchases in Craftybase using the new purchase quantity setting

We've also taken the opportunity to overhaul our quantity and cost section for the expense form: we've refined the way the boxes work together to make it much more flexible when entering in unit and total pricing and simplified and flattened the form layout.

Many of these improvements have been made based on suggestions for improvement we have received, so we would like to give a big thanks to all who have taken the time to offer feedback and ideas for this section of Craftybase!