We've made a number of improvements to our popular free calculator tools for Etsy sellers.

For our Etsy Seller Fee Calculator and Etsy Pricing Calculator we've finally added full international support: you can now see your estimated profits and fees in your local currency, based on the daily exchange rate and using the correct fixed and percentage rates charged by Etsy for your country.

Etsy fee calculator for the UK

The default PayPal rates for each country have also been factored in and are also currency converted. These rates can also be configured if you happen to have a different rate currently offered by PayPal.

Etsy paypal fee calculator for the UK

For our european sellers, we've also added estimated VAT to all affected fees and charges in readiness for Etsy's seller fee changes coming up in the next couple of months. To remove the estimated VAT, just select the "Do you have a VAT ID?" and the new tax will be removed from your profit and fee calculations.

Etsy VAT fee calculator for Europe sellers