In order to comply with European Union law, starting on March 1, 2016 Craftybase will begin charging VAT (Value Added Tax) to all customers located in the EU.

Craftybase has been paying VAT on behalf of our european customers since the legislation was officially introduced in Jan 2015 as our subscription system wasn't able to fully handle the complexities in calculating VAT.

We always try to avoid price rises for subscription fees as we fully understand that unexpected costs can be an unwelcome surprise for small businesses, so this decision was not one taken lightly. However, we felt that absorbing the tax obligations of our European customers was not something that was sustainable for us in the longer term.

What this means for individuals

If you are a non-business customer of Craftybase in the EU, beginning on March 1, 2016 your invoice will now include a calculated VAT charge reflecting the percentage based on your country of origin.

What this means for businesses

If your business has a registered VAT ID and you have provided this information to us, your first invoice with VAT included will be sent after March 1, 2016 depending on your subscription renewal date. We encourage you to inform us of your business VAT ID and address prior to February 29, 2016 to avoid any issues.