We’ve made a couple of nice little improvements to your order pages over the last week. The first is that we have made your data entry faster by removing the Add Order Item popup - you’ll now find that pressing the Add Order Item button will directly add a new row to your items table for instant entry.

The second improvement is the addition of an in stock counter on the order item - this will show you at a glance how many you currently have in stock of this item. You’ll find the stock checker appear directly under your Quantity Purchased textbox.

The third improvement is the addition of a link to allow you to add a new manufacture for the selected project / variation, directly from the order page. This means you can now create your project, manufacture and order all in the one step! You’ll find this link right next to your new stock checker (it’s the little up arrow icon).

Our help article for adding a new order has been updated with the latest changes, so please do take a look to familiarise yourself with the changes:

How do I add an Order?

Of course as usual, if you have any questions please let us know and we’ll be happy to answer.

p.s. These improvements were all suggested by our lovely Craftybasers - so if you have any ideas for improvements please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you!