Today we released a couple of improvements to the way we track material stock on hand - each of your material records now have a new tab called “Inventory” that shows a log of all changes (“Inventory Adjustments”) made to the material’s quantity on hand from the moment it was first added to Craftybase.

Item Inventory Entries

All quantity adjustments triggered by either a manufacture of a project using this material or a new purchase of the material will now create an Inventory Adjustment log automatically that will show you how much and when the action decreased or increased your quantity on hand.

In addition, we have also created a way to create your own manual inventory adjustments in the system to handle discrepancies that arise from loss, damage and wastage. These can now be added at any time without needing to add manufactures or adjust batch recipes.

We’ve added a couple of new help articles in our help area that should give you a start on how use the new inventory adjustments feature:

What is an Inventory Adjustment?

How do I add an Inventory Adjustment?

Along with this, we have also created a little help guide showing different ways of tracking your materials wastage so you can better decide when it’s best to create a manual adjustment.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about this new feature!