Now that Etsy has released Direct Checkout globally, we have now added support for this to our Etsy Importer.

From today, for any Orders you have received that have been paid using Direct Checkout, details of the payment, including when the payment was made will be attached to the order. At the same time, an automatic expense for the Etsy Direct Checkout Fee you have paid will be added and attached to the order.

Hopefully, this should provide even more accuracy to your order profitability breakdowns so you can see exactly how much you are making per order including all payment fees. Another interesting side of this feature is that you can see at a glance exactly how much of the different types of fees you pay to Etsy so you can manage this more effectively: to access this information, on your Etsy contact page, click on the Expenses tab to see a graph of your expense types per month.

Total Expenditure Chart for Etsy Fees including Direct Checkout