We’ve just released a way to earn huge discounts off your monthly subscription fee - it’s called the Craftybase Referral Program.

Craftybase Affiliate Program

Get someone to become a paid subscriber using your unique referral code and you will both receive a 10% discount off your subscription.

For every additional person you refer that also subscribes, you receive an extra 10% off your subscription until your account becomes completely free. That means you only need to refer 10 people, and you will pay absolutely nothing to use Craftybase! A help article explaining some of the finer points of the program is here:

How does the Referral Program work?

In your settings pages, you’ll now find a new Referrals page that will give you a running tally of how many people you have successfully referred to Craftybase. On this page, you will find your unique code and the url you can provide to others, along with some fancy little icons and graphics you can use on your blogs and forum posts.

Here are some ideas to get you going on how to best promote your referral link in order to maximise your discount:

  • Add your referral link to your email and forum post signatures.
  • If you have a blog, add one of our fancy graphics on your sidebar to encourage click-throughs - or make your own graphic to suit.
  • If you recommend Craftybase to others in discussions online, always make sure to use your referral url as the link, not just craftybase.com
  • Print out your link on little cards to hand out to others when you recommend us offline
  • Post your referral code on Twitter and Facebook

But don’t take this as a definitive list - feel free to use your referral code wherever and however you like!