We thought we might start to also mention some of the little features that we are releasing to give you all more of an insight about the smaller improvements happening around Craftybase HQ.

This week we released:

  • Added popup notes to the order and expenses lists, so you can view your notes straight from your overview pages.
  • Linked order expenses now automatically populates the selected shop, to save you one extra step;
  • Improvements to the Invoice printable view so that headers are much more legible;
  • Refined the Material Export csv so that all quantity fields are separate, including price and stock on hand quantities - this should make the export far more flexible when importing into a spreadsheet program;
  • Some subscription tweaks to improve the messages returned from our payment provider;
  • Fixed the shortcut links on the Manufacture / Sales Count summary so they link to the correct tab page for faster navigation;
  • Added a new flag to the Link Project autocomplete to show if a new project is being created, or if an existing project is being linked;
  • Fixed the Component Material view so that labour is being factored into the total manufacture total;
  • Added a “resync” feature for Orders to quickly update a single order’s status without needing to do a full Etsy import;
  • Performance tweaks to the Etsy importer to make it a little bit faster and
  • Added a handful of new help articles to address some of our commonly asked questions this month.

Keep those suggestions and ideas coming in - many of the above tasks were originally raised by our userbase, so we are definitely hearing you and responding to your feedback! :)