We’ve just released an awesome new feature: automatic PayPal fee estimates for all US Etsy Orders. This means that when you next import your Etsy sales, Craftybase will calculate your estimated PayPal fee for you and add it as an automatic expense, along with the exact date of payment and transaction details so you can easily cross reference this with your PayPal records.

We’ve made PayPal rates completely configurable to allow for users on different pricing tiers - you’ll now find a new settings area called “Payment Services” to allow you to modify your transaction and percentage rates to suit your own business setup for both domestic and international orders. On this same page, you’ll find a link to a special PayPal Historical Updater page you can use to add PayPal fees for all your orders already in Craftybase - just follow the instructions and we’ll do the rest!

As the PayPal fee structure is much simpler in the United States, we have rolled out this feature to Craftybasers in the US first. We will be adding PayPal fee support for more countries, and also for non-Etsy orders in the very near future - watch this space! :)