One of our most popular suggestions has been to create a way of adding multiple sales for a single customer all in one step. As a bit of an early Christmas present, we’ve now just released a new feature that does exactly that!

We’ve now removed the Sales section of Craftybase and replaced it with Orders - essentially, you can think of Orders as grouped together Sales. This feature will now allow you to link together multiple sale items into one order, apply discounts, taxes and shipping charges and keep track of what orders have been paid and what orders have been shipped. It now allows us also to start thinking about some interesting features around shipping and tax….but more on that at a later date :)

Add Order Page

If you have existing Sales in the system, we have carefully moved these and applied some clever logic to join together and create Orders for you. We’ve also tallied up your combined discount and shipping totals so you don’t have to - everything should be ready and working when you next log in.

This upgrade required quite a bit of a rejig of the internal inner workings of Craftybase, but we think that the end result is a much more flexible and user friendly system for tracking the sales you make - we hope you think so too!

Our entire help area has also been updated for this change: for more information about Orders and the migration steps we have undertaken with your existing data please see our new help article What is an Order?.