We’ve just rolled out a new area of Craftybase we’re super excited about: The Report Centre!

For starters, we’ve launched 5 brand new reports that you can explore: Customer, Product, Stock, Expenses and Cashflow.

To introduce them in a little more detail:

The Customer Report The Customer report shows your most valued customers; who spends the most money at your stores and who buys the most products. It should give you a nice little snapshot of your best customers so you can tailor your marketing towards the people who support you the most. See your Customer Report >

The Product Report The Product report shows your most popular products and which products turn over the most revenue. This one is useful for identifying which of your products are popular and for identifying trends so you can better plan your manufacturing ahead of the rush. See your Product Report >

Stock Reorder Report The Stock report is a rollup of what you supplies you are running short on. You can filter this by supplier to create a quick “shopping list” for reference when you are next supply shopping. See your Stock Reorder Report >

Cashflow Report Cashflow Report The Cashflow report allows you to see your cashflow over the years or just the month along with a nice clear rollup of totals. See your Cashflow Report >

Expense Report Finally, the expense report - this one will give you a breakdown of all your expenses made in a specific time period based on the category you have marked them as. This is handy to see what you are spending the majority on over time. See your Expense Report >

We’re really excited about this and have a few more reports in the pipeline. All reports are optimized to be printable, we’re hoping to have a spreadsheet and PDF export available in the coming months.

We’d love to hear what you think - requests for other reports are welcomed :)