From today, you can now manage product stock levels in Craftybase! Hurrah!

You’ll find your product stock numbers on your project list page under 3 new columns: Made Items, Sold Items and Stock on Hand.

Your stock on hand is defined as your total items made minus your total quantity sold, so make sure you are now accounting for all sales and all manufactures of finished items in order for your stock on hand number to be accurate. Essentially the things to remember are: Add quantities of items made via the Make Log on each project page. Add sales via the Add Sale button on the project page (or alternatively on your Sales home page)

If you are an Etsy store owner, when you import your listings for the first time you will notice that most of your listings will appear with negative amounts of stock on hand. This is because you will need to let Craftybase know that you have previously made stock in order to sell it! It’s easily fixed by adding a corresponding make log for every item that you sell in order for the system to know your current stock levels.

Remember: you can add as many items per sale / make log as you need to, which might be useful if you have a bit of backdating to do! ;)