A brand new feature for this week is the ability to quickly merge multiple projects into one. This is especially handy for Etsy importers - if you have multiple listings for the same product you can now merge them together and all sales, expenses and materials will be listed all in the one spot.

So how do you merge projects? Over on your Project List page, select the projects you wish to merge out (these will be the ones that will be archived) using the new checkboxes and then select the “Merge to…” option from the Batch dropdown box (you’ll find this in the bottom left hand corner of the page). A search box will appear to allow to you to search for the project to merge into (this is the one that will be kept). Once you have selected the project, click the “Update” button and the merge(s) will be performed. This might take a while depending on how many you are merging together.

How to merge your craft projects together

Help article has been added and is located here for future reference:

How can I merge projects together?

This was a feature requested by quite a few of you - so we hope you’ll find it useful! Thanks for the feedback all, and remember to keep those suggestions coming!