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New stuff: Handling discounted sales on your products

Tracking discounts on your craft items

By setting your project’s base sale price, Craftybase will automatically calculate the discount you have applied (if any) per sale. For example, if you have set your Green Scarf project to have a sale price of $60, and you sell 1 of your finished items of this project at $50 at a market stall, Craftybase will mark this sale automatically has having been discounted from the original price. You will see in this case the actual percentage (-16.6%) you have reduced the price by in red next to the sale price.

New stuff: Sales chart improvements

This week we released a couple of nice little improvements to your sales charts - we’ve improved the display for larger date ranges, added a new filter for sales channels and added an extra chart display type: so you can view your sales in either bar chart or line chart format.

Sales chart improvements

We’ve love to hear what you think of the improvements!

New Stuff: How do I delete a quantity type?

You can now merge out and delete your unwanted quantity types using the Batch merge tool on your Quantity Types page.

Firstly select the quantity types you wish to remove using the checkboxes next to each quantity type, then select the “Merge into…” option from the Batch tools option in the left bottom corner of the page. Next, select the quantity type you wish to merge these into (this will be the one you want to keep). Click the “Update” button and the merge will be performed.

Please Note: The “item” default entry unfortunately cannot be deleted or merged out.

Crafting quantity type management